Fancy Serial Numbers

Solid - In a solid serial number, every digit is the same.

Ladder - In a ladder serial number, every digit is one number higher (or lower) than the previous digit.

Radar - In a radar serial number, the serial number reads the same left-to-right as it does right-to-left.

Repeater - In a repeater serial number, the second half of the serial number is the same as the first half.

Radar Repeater - A radar repeater is both a radar and a repeater.

Super Radar - A super radar is a special kind of radar. In a super radar, the interior digits are are all the same.

Super Repeater - A super repeater is a special kind of repeater. In a super repeater, the first two digits are repeated four times.

Double Quad - In a double quad serial number, the first four digits are all the same and the second four digits are all the same.

Seven-Of-A-Kind - In a seven-of-a-kind serial number, seven digits are all the same.

Seven-In-A-Row - In a seven-in-a-row serial number, seven consecutive digits are all the same.

Binary - In a binary serial number, only two numbers appear. In a true binary serial number, those two numbers are zero and one.

Low - Low serial numbers, especially those 00000100 and under, are considered fancy.

High - High serial numbers, especially those 99999900 and over, are considered fancy.

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